Junior Grand Slam Champions 
(Advanced players  13-16 Years Old)
  • This program is for the eventual or current JV/Varsity Player
  • Doubles and singles strategies are stressed
  • Players will also go over different aspects and options of all strokes(spin, flat, etc.)       

Junior Super Stars -Full 78 Foot Court with Green Low Compression Balls

Green Ball Program - (9-12 Years Old)

  • Players focus more on rallying, keeping the ball in play, and shot direction
  • More live ball drills are put to use, and players use the strategies they have learned to try to win the point
  • Fun games and drills are used to keep the kids interested and competitive


Junior Future Champions 1.0 - Yellow Ball 
Yellow Ball - Ages 10-13 Advanced
  • Players focus on footwork, as well as starting to hone technical and tactical skills
  • Players learn strategy as they learn to design a point based on strengths and weaknesses of themselves, as well as their opponent


Junior Future Champions 2.0

Yellow Ball (Intermediate 13-16 years old
  • Players will learn to keep the rally going as well as placement of where to put the ball and where to move to
  • Consistency is key, as the players develop their technical skills


Our Philosophy

Ever watch your child just play games or just drill for 2
hours? Our USPTA/PTR certified professionals offer a refreshing blend of instruction and game/point play. The professionals at Northern Jersey Tennis Academy are hired to make sure every child is having a great time and reaching their full potential.

Your child will develop sound footwork and technique in their respective age appropriate clinic. They will then apply what the

have learned in game based situations and match play.

We believe in keeping the communication lines open between professionals, children, and the parents. We highly encourage

our professionals to meet directly with the parents to update

them on their child’s development. We will have roaming Directors who will be on and off the court during those

clinic hours. Our professionals promise to bring enthusiasm and excitement to every clinic that we teach. 

Northern Jersey Tennis Academy is now a 10 and Under Training Facility 

Junior Future Stars - 36 foot court and Red Low Compression Balls

Red Ball 1 - (4-6 Years Old)

  • Players will learn basic strokes and develop hand/eye coordination
  • Fun and exciting setting 
  • Players will use 19 or 21 inch rackets

Red Ball 2 - (6-8 Years Old)

  • Players move up to Red Ball 2, and will improve their movement and start to have a rally, whether it be 3 feet or 30 feet away from opponent
  • Fun activities will help the players with the balance, and coordination to develop the tennis mechanics



Junior All Stars - 60 foot court and Orange Low Compression Balls

Orange Ball 1 - (7-9 Years Old) - 

  • As players bump up to the 60 foot court, they will learn better movement and how to cover the court better
  • Fun games and strategies will help the player develop the skills needed to rally with a partner
  • 23-25 inch rackets are used

Orange Ball 2 - (8-10 Years Old)

  • Players learn consistency throughout a point as well as starting to be able to place the ball
  • Serving and volleying skills are beginning to take form so players can start using during points


Clinics formed on first come first serve basis.  If you cannot attend clinic after payment is received, all checks will be fully refunded and credit card payments subject to 4% processing fee prior to refund

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